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Kvadrat Odessa

Kvadrat is a shop that sells construction materials in Odessa. We had the opportunity to take their brand to the next level. If you are near, check them out!

Website design, Content writing


Connect your lights and appliances to Zuli Smartplugs, control them from one app, and enable them to adapt to your presence.

CMS, Content writing

Reviewsio members are receiving products in the mail UP TO 100% OFF in exchange for their honest review on After receiving the product, leave a high-quality review and you get to keep the product… no strings attached!

Website development, SEO


Discover your most important docs that are buried in the cloud! Your vital documents are scattered. Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, email...

Website design, Website development

Visual Mass

Visual Mass has envisioned becoming the alternative to overpriced and ordinary eyewear by creating an eyewear brand that does not set boundaries by giving unreasonable prices to it's customers.

CMS, Website development, SEO


Vivaldi web browser lets you do things your way by adapting to you and not the other way around. Go ahead and customize your preferences be it your keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, appearance and so on.

Wireframes, Website design

Andrea Morelli

Established in 1980 in Monte Urano, thanks to passion and devotion of the three Vallasciani brothers and their families, the company enters the shoe panorama as a protagonist distinguishing itself for the precious craftsmanship.

CMS, Website design


Fabrik allows you to create smarter, shine brighter, beautiful portfolio websites in minutes, powered by clever technology and you.

Website design, Website development

Drink Soma

Soma is on a mission to improve life for everyone who drinks water, with sustainable, plant-based filters that make water healthy and delicious, beautiful carafes and pitchers, and the convenient Filters by Mail service.

Content writing, Website design, SEO


ProtectWise shifts network security to the cloud to provide complete visibility and detection of enterprise threats and accelerated incident response.

Website design, Website development, SEO



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Denis Novac

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